Monday, August 1, 2011


So I haven't posted to my blog for way too long now... Been too busy with paid stuff I guess. This time I am posting something a little different, I have had this character in my head for a while... and on return to Hong Kong he finally escaped. This sort of stuff is at the heart of my art and inspiration... I have always wanted to create a comic, but just never had the time or drive to finish. I likely wont finish this with my return back to reality only 2 pages and a cover, plus no real firm story concept... but whatever, still worth posting the images. It would be nice to escape the grind, and just do me...maybe someday.

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  1. Cool~!Is it an alien band????
    I think, just keep the fragments and might be u can link them up one day~!

  2. yes sort of an alien band... alien rapper actually. Yes maybe link them up one day... who know lol :)

    Thanks for the comment Ching!