Thursday, April 16, 2009

I have been working on some basic controls for the past few days. Play around with it... Your feedback is greatly appreciated!


W,A,S,D to walk
space to jump
right click to orbit camera
left click to throw cage at ghosts
(the first cage will automatically close, you can throw more but they must be closed by pressing "c"... Once the first cage disappears the next one will close automatically...I will fix this.

You can switch between throwing cages and throwing totems(which currently do nothing).

You can also drop a "portal object which also currently does nothing.

The cubes with green arrows are vent objects I am working on, they are supposed to blow the avatar upward.

(previous version updates to above post)

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  1. Jason I like F the best I think that's the best he hard to play with? -SuzyQ