Sunday, April 26, 2009

Story Development

I am have been trying to come up with a master character for Limbo. The first levels will be training like levels. The master will instruct you in the art of ghost catching. I made these concept ideas for his master. I like "A", "C", and "F". I think I like "F" the best. Which one do you guys like?


  1. Hi Man,

    Yeah I think F has the most going conceptually. I do like A's head though. F's helmet/ head reminds me of cross between Star Wars' Crimson Guards and the bad soldier guys in Battle Star Gallactica. Which are both totally sweet, yet they aren't quite main Boss character heads.

  2. Thanks Chris... His head is actually a chinese lantern... He is holding his head on the lantern pole... Kids play with these lanterns on the moon festival. I was thinking that the head did look like a cylon guy from battle star galactica too!... the design on the head is actually the chinese symbol for "light"... Its cool that it makes it look helmet like.