Monday, April 13, 2009

Making a slight deviation in the original game concept for now... I like the idea of the main character being a graffiti artist, I just cant think of good game play concepts for this at the moment. We came up with these ghost characters att the game jam...So to get something to go along with what we started at the game jam I am implementing the below concepts:

Fear Totem: Dropped to scare ghosts, and corral them to portal.

Ghost trap: Once thrown can be locked enclosing ghost inside... then pushed over portal.

Vents: Even though he has wings, Limbo cant fly. You must earn points to get farther jumps and eventually fully fly.

There will also be a portal object not pictured here.

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  1. Hey, This is Ian from the GameJam. Since you guys have your own blog going you should consider embedding your work. We worked hard to make it easy to embed whatever you create, so give it a shot. Already some modeling sites are using it to show off their 3D models and animations. You should make a simple pocket with your main character and let the user move around. Shoot me an email if you have any questions.